The Quality

We are very pleased to introduce the most beatiful Pearls for fashion jewellery. Manufacturated in Manacor, Majorca by Madreperla Elements, a firm that has perfected the technique of producing the Pearls of Majorca using a special opaline glass of their own manufacture. Specialist artisans use this glass to obtain the core of the Madreperla Elements Pearl which will then be immersed in a special enamel to ensure colour, luminosity and hardness. The Pearl is subjected to a rigorous selection procedure and quality control before sale. Each pearl is sold with a Certificate of Guarantee which ensures the replacement of any defentive pearl for 10 years.

Famous for many years, imitation pearls take the place of real pearls in the dreams of women. By imitating nature in a wonderful way, the hand of man uses fire to create a nucleus of glass on a revolving wire thread and then covers it with enamel to simulate a real pearl. Madreperla Elements make their pearls in Manacor, in the island of Majorca, where the quality of each pearl is carefully selected and controlled before skilful and expert hands use their century-old inherited craft to produce the perfect setting.

Because Madreperla Elements take meticulous care in each phase of production, their pearls are sold with a 10 years guarantee certificate.


Madreperla Elements designs are selected and exclusive, endowing the diferent pieces with a distinctive style and always following the lastest trends. From youthful lines to personalised elegance, the original and new collections offer a complete range.


In Madreperla Elements we have perfected the production technique. Starting from a specialy manufactured opaline crystal, the specialised craftsmen obtain the nucleus of the pearl, which is the immersed in a special enamel to ensure it’s lustre, colour and resistance.


The real craftsmanship in our work guarantee

– The perfect roundness of nucleus.

– The laters of enamel needed for a top quality finish.

– The exhaustive selection of the end product, uncompromising in the destruction of any unsuitable pearl.