The Firm

Madreperla Elements was established in Manacor (Majorca). Inmediately began the production of pearls of Majorca thanks to the wide experience in this field of their founders, and thanks also to a technical team highly skilled that has known perfect the technique of production of the pearl of Majorca.

From the beginning, Madreperla Elements has made of their name a perfect identification with the product that manufactures: the pearls, without forgetting other materials like the silver and the metal. The cares and esclusive designs, of agreement always to the last tendencies, confer a select air to the pieces of imitation jewelry that they manufacture. Original and fresh collections cover the whole arch, that goes from youthful lines until who want to personalize the own elegance.

The products, after an attentive selection and control of quality, are sold with a certificate of guarentee for a period of 10 years.

At the moment, Madreperla Elements has been introduced in the main markets of the world and at the present time export their products to FRANCE, BELGIUM, ITALY, GREECE, ARABIAN COUNTRIES, USA, SOUTH AMERICA and PORTUGAL.